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Wastewater projects for resorts require a highly effective wastewater treatment system which can handle variable seasonal flows. They typically require systems that can operate quietly, produce no noticeable odor, and blend into the landscaping. Hydrodynamic Solutions has the knowledge and resources to implement the best system that works efficiently and is cost effective.

Little Palm island in the Florida Keys suffered damage to a waste water plant on their island during a recent hurricane. After the estimated hydraulic loading was calculated and the upgrades of the restaurant and guests’ cabins were taken into account, we moved forward to design and permitting.

The existing plants effluent was connected to a discharge well and there was no available water for reuse. The design of a SBR plant (Sequencing Batch Reactor) with tertiary treatment including UV sterilization was incorporated to allow water re-use in the form of drip irrigation for the landscaped areas as well as the ability to discharge to the disposal well. Customization of the plant to projected flow rates, available area to build, and being hidden from the public view while operating without smell or noise was achieved.

Construction was completed and the plant was brought online prior to the island resorts facilities upgrades completion and reopening to guests. A plant operator was recruited and the training was provided. In co-operation with the manufacturer of the plant equipment, remote monitoring was established for the critical phases of treatment. This monitoring also enables cost effective operation and maintenance, as well as ensuring clean efficient water discharge standards to be maintained.

The customized design was more cost efficient as the life cycle of the plant was extended by incorporating underground fiberglass tanks which do not deteriorate as do typical above ground steel tanks in typical waste water package plants designs. The result was a win for the owner and the environment achieving cleaner effluent discharges as well as water re-use for irrigation.   

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